Hello 2ONE LIFE Family! I'd like to like to do a monthly blog to recognize your success and accomplishments within our group. It will be called "You better recognize!" I love for us to stay connected and learn what resources and talents lie amongst our fit family.

This is a great idea right?? Well, I can only make it happen with your help! Don't hesitate to send a short email, screenshot or photo to recognize a peer, milestone, goal, birthday, acknowledge a well known national recognition week, month or day, accomplishment, new business, endeavor or even a thank you!

We love to check-up on each other and I am ALWAYS looking for a reason to celebrate YOU! My plan is for this to go blog/email to happen once per month on the 15th! I'd like for this to be successful but I need you guys to keep me in the know. Please send ONLY TO MY EMAIL so that I can keep up with all the accomplishments! My email is

Right now along with any announcements, I really would like an email from all my teachers with your names, jobs, grades and subjects you teach and years you been teaching. Please send a photo of yourself and possibly in your classroom or next to your class door or office etc.

I also want to hear from my nurses. Would love to know your name, maybe a photo of you in action or in uniform and how long you've been in your career path.

In conclusion, don't want to leave anyone or anything out, so once again if you guys know anything that you would like to see mentioned, please send me an email so that I can know! I am only one person and I can't remember everything even though I try.😆

This is so exciting!

Your Trainer, Nichole Elmore FB & IG:@2onelifezumba @2onelifetrainer

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