Class Schedule Week 2/21

❤Hey Y'all! The schedule changes weekly so stay tuned! I LOVE working out with you!

🖊All Premier Fitness video subscribers have received our MONTHLY email which has a COUPON CODE ON IT! Use the code to sign up for the live classes you’d like to attend.

💃Subscribers need to sign up for the live virtual classes you'd like to attend. Please be certain to register for class BEFORE class time starts to gain access via ZOOM. If you don't, access is not guaranteed.

*Also, ALL ZOOM ROOMS HAVE A PASSCODE. Monday, Wednesday & Live Thursdays CLASSES ARE: 2ONELIFE

Live Fridays passcode is: DANCEE

📹*All classes that are NOT LIVE (Some Thursdays) are on my fitness video subscription service only. New Videos will be released at 7:30pm! Log on that day to find out what the featured video will be...

😀To attend classes that are LIVE via ZOOM by becoming a fitness video subscriber for only $10/mo. Sign-up here:

👍To DROP-IN to my LIVE VIRTUAL classes are only $5:

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