Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Nichole Elmore is certified in Group Fitness, Personal Training, Strong & Zumba. She also teaches different fitness formats starting with her most recent, Zumba Step, Circuit Training, Kickboxing & Aqua as well. She has been teaching different formats of fitness since starting March of 2014.  She started out as a Zumba® student since June of 2013, an decided to become an instructor. She is passionate about music and dancing and that is why Zumba® Fitness had become such a major part of her journey. Through this fitness format, she lost 40lbs as a student! It was time for her to expand her experience.

As her fitness journey progressed, she realized she enjoyed teaching people how to achieve a more balanced workout. She loves to motivate and encourage her students to help them achieve their fitness goals. She expanded her fitness experiences and in 2013 she started her company 2ONE LIFE, LLC and virtually trains her clients! Now, as of July of 2019 she opened her boutique fitness studio, 2ONE LIFE STUDIO where she can offer her clients in-person training. She has most recently started Virtual Group Fitness Classes on-line!

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